The New York Daily News, has a report that LeBron James has booked 25 hotel rooms in the W hotel in South Beach. Just another indication that LeBron will not sign with Knicks. Well, thats fine, as a Knick fan I have learned to live with dissapointment. It has been ten years since the Knicks have won a playoff series, and I have learned to live with the fact that the Knicks do not play meaningful basketball in May and June. But this decision may have some serious consequenses!

LeBron, for some strange reason has decided to make his decision in Greenwich,CT at the local Boys and Girl’s Club of America. WHY? WHy must LeBron tantalize us Knick fans who will read into this decision? The Knicks practice facility is a mere 14 miles from this Boys and Girl’ Club! Why hold all the free agent meetings in Akron(what he believed to be neutral territory) but then fly across the nation to make a decision he could have made from his house?

Tonight when he announces that he will join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, I will not be suprised, as I have become used to these things happening to the teams I love, (Can you tell I am a Mets Fan??) but I will feel for the children of the Boys and Girl’s club, who will be partying from 9:00 pm when “THE DECSION” airs on ESPN, to about 9:10 pm, when he makes his decision. They will be so happy to be in the prescense of greatness, until they realize he is no more than an empty candy wrapper, it looks good and promising but eventually you realize, its not what you thought it was.

-Vanilla (Peter)


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