The Decision (Part 1)

Lebron James. The King.
The only “King” who will not choose to lead (what could have possibly been ) his very own people to the promised land. I have been an always been, and always will be, an avid follower of New York sports… needless to say, I am a passionate fan. Not only am I a fan, (like my best friend and colleague, Peter) I am an educated fan. I know my stuff. But with the numerous exploits and follies made by NY and its sports teams over the years, they’ve literally tried to rip my passion for NY sports away from me.
But I stand strong.
Yet now, this LeBron-mania, LeBron-athon, LeBron-blasphemy has taken so much out of me that I am this close to not even watching The Decision. I may not even watch it, so I don’t have to have my heart ripped out of me as he puts the Miami cap on. I mean, this is ridiculous. People are going to be glued to their TV’s like its the goddamn Superbowl. But it’s not. It’s a free-agent decision. It’ll be the most watched 10 minute program in the history of American Television.
Feel my pain here. I’ve waited two and a half years for this, ever since i heard Bron-Bron was going to be a free agent in 2010. I lost my mind in 2008, I was like “This is it! This is NY’s return to basketball prominence!”
I waited two years for this?
Look, all I can say at this point was that 1050 Espn radio wasted a LOT of time doing “LeBron-Watch” segments. I don’t even know if this was a matter of New York not being able to pull through and sell it to him, or if LeBron was just too stubborn to understand the possibilities of being on a New York sports team. He would own the joint. Open a couple restaurants, a couple gyms here and there, and have a privately-owned presidential “KING JAMES” suite at the Plaza Hotel, and the man is a God. Up there with the likes of Derek Jeter, New York’s own Untouchable Golden Child (and yes, I am a Yankee Fan.)
Nooooo, he wants to go to Miami, where he would take less pay, and be sharing the spotlight with D-Wade, who already won a championship in Miami. And with Chris Bosh.
Yeah, NY, we did a real good job this time. The most coveted free agent in… ever and we screw it up.
Well, now he’s rented 25 rooms at the W in South Beach, and now I start to wonder… “Well what about 2011, when Melo and CP3 are free agents? Maybe we can get that done?” (which, I will speak further on in another post, coming soon.)
But I have a strange feeling we’re gonna mess that up too.
After all, I thought this was New York, people.
They say the greatest kings are able to walk with the common people. Well, New York is full of common people looking for somebody to lead our teams out of the depths of hell. Looks like LeBron James will not be that man. All that cap space, all those terrible, unwatchable games, for nothing. Thanks LeBron. Thanks Donnie Walsh.
Thanks for a whole bunch of nothing.
Ama’re will have to do.
-Chocolate (Marquis)


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