So Peter’s out at his baseball game, and I’m here just watching ESPN.
Chris Broussard seems to have the end all be all answer right now, saying that Miami basically has King James on their roster right now. Now that opinion is far from farfetched. But a few things catch my attention and raise questions for me.
#1) If LeBron just had his surefire answer, he had to have had it for a few days now. So if he was REALLY going to M.I.A. then why the hell didn’t he announce it with Bosh & Wade?
#2)Why did LeBron go to the trouble of announcing his DECISION at a Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich, CT, which is just under 15 miles from the Knicks training facility?
#3) Why in the world do we have to watch an hour long special about LeBron’s transition from free-agency to being on a team again?
I’m sure at this point LeBron has made his DECISION already. But why does it have to build such anticipation? Why does LeBron have to be such a drama queen about this whole thing? Idk, just a few things I don’t get.
There are a few reasons LeBron’s choice should be New York. And I have to say them because, this is indeed a blog about New York sports, let’s not forget the goals here.
*NOT MIAMI: LeBron should not go to Miami, because all of the shortcomings stem from a business standpoint. LeBron going to Miami would not be good for business. You have a franchise player and brand in Dwyane Wade, LeBron being there would only complicate things. And Chris Bosh, also a star, really would not be able to make himself marketable as a professional sports athlete. No one would really buy a Bosh jersey unless there were no more Wade or James jerseys in stock.
*NOT CLEVELAND: Lebron would be 31 with bad ankles and STILL a lack of a supporting cast before he’s able to win a ring in Cleveland. Sure he would be a hometown legend, but at what cost? To be the greatest player NEVER to win a championship? Hey Cleveland… it’s time for your young man to grow. Seeds become plants…boys become men. If you love it, let it go and if it comes back… well he probably wouldnt come back but still. Applaud him every time he steps into that arena because of what he represented as one of your players and the shows he put on every night for your entertainment.
*NOT NEW JERSEY: Jay-Z, Mikhail Prokhorov, and a combined net sum between the two of about 14 billion dollars (13 of it coming from Prokhorov, Sorry Jay) couldn’t even bring me to the armpit of America. Worst part of it is, the armpit of America has a losing franchise.
*NOT CHICAGO: No matter what you do, if you go to Chicago, you will not be better than the greatest to ever play the game. Your legacy will be tarnished, and you could never live up to the expectation. Even if you get more than 6 rings. Kobe’s having a tough time with it already… and he’s in L.A., and L.A. is already his.
*NOT ANYWHERE ELSE: What’s better than New York?
No, seriously, what’s better than New York? No DECISION you ever make could ever pay off for you more than being in New York. You would be revered. And you probably would have more than a few rings on your fingers when it’s all said and done. (Remember: Free Agent Summer of 2011. Melo, CP3.. etc.)
Now it’s understandable if he wants to go to Miami. A beach and a ring. But will they click fast enough to reach that higher level as a team? Will they have chemistry? Together? Remember, the Lakers will be a completely different team than they were last year. Ron-Ron just came to L.A. And I’m pretty sure its fathomable that Kobe gets at least two more rings before its all said and done, he was hurt, Ron didn’t know anything, and Pau hadn’t settled into the role of being the best big man in the League. Things are different now. With everyone healthy and on the same page, who can really beat the Lakers? They match up with the heat well, with Artest guarding LeBron, Kobe guarding Wade, and Gasol on Bosh, all 3 of them being outstanding defenders (Artest, Kobe and Gasol.)
There’s is an hour left before LeBron makes his DECISION. And really, all of this is just senseless once you think about it. After this, let’s just leave the man alone, and watch him play ball come the end of summer. Let’s take into account the real issue at hand here- if LeBron doesnt average a triple double next year, I’m gonna throttle somebody.
I’m here watching ESPN, and it’s an hour before he makes his DECISION. Let’s see what happens.
-Chocolate (Marquis)


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