The Decision (Part III)

Four blog posts later and here we are.
I have no idea where Peter is right now, I have seen hide nor hair of him, and have heard nothing from him for the last four hours. Only God knows where he is.
Meanwhile, I am changing the channel in my living room, but somehow I keep ending up back on ESPN.
Is this man for real?
Okay. Well. I’m not going to sit here and explain all the reasons why Lebron should not go to Miami.
All I can hope for is that he negotiates for a 5 year contract for 100 million, for an option to opt out after 3 years, and then maybe he can come to New York. Maybe? Possibly?
In the words of Jay-Z himself… I guess its on to the next one.
Hello Carmelo Anthony. Hello Chris Paul.
If I were Donnie Walsh, or James Dolan, I’d be on the phone right now leaving messages to both players, trying to do all the things we didn’t do to get LeBron.
As far as me… well, disappointed is an understatement.
Well if he doesnt win a championship this year (which he wont, look up Bryant, Kobe) then prepare for a whoolle bunch of backlash Bron-Bron. I can only pray for you. 
I can’t even bear to watch T.V. right now. Maybe I need to go read a book.
I wonder how the Nets are doing….
-Chocolate (Marquis)

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