The Not So New Knicks

As I came back from my baseball game, I did not change out of my uniform, I sat in a dirty, sweaty uniform waiting for any indication from an ESPN analyst that Lebron would be coming to NY. All I heard though was Miami, but I knew I had to remain hopeful. I am a Met fan, and I tried to live by the old Mets Closer Tug McGraw’s words, “Ya Gotta Believe.” Well I did. And, I was wrong to do so.

Why should I believe in anything the Walsh-D’antoni adminstration has done. All they have done since coming to New York is continue to lose, but at what cost. They sacrificed the last two and a half years waiting for tonight, and that sacrifice was a complete waste.

Not only were the Knicks unbearably awful the last few years, but I see a new trend continuing. I must warn all Knick fans of Isiah Thomas reign, and how it compares to Donny Walsh’s. When Isiah came, he brought legacy with him. He brought success in his playing years with the Detroit Pistons and coaching experience from the playoff Indiana Pacers teams of the early 2000’s. He also made the decision to bring a famous head coach in: Larry Brown. Larry Brown brought immediate credibility to a team that needed to get back to its winning ways of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was thought to be able to handle Stephon Marbury’s ego, after coaching Allen Iverson succesfully for years. Well, Isiah messed shit up!!! He brought in guys like Jerome James and Eddy Curry. Two of the biggest busts in Franchise History. If not for the Eddy Curry contract, New York would have been the place to have enough cap space to bring in the Big 3(Bosh, Wade, LeBron) rather than Miami.

Well Isiah locked himself up with long term contracts that were doomed for failure. Donny Walsh better not do the same. He has already given the most overrated of the free agents, A’mare Stoudamire a ridiculous 5 year 100 million dollar contract, that is uninsured because of his previous injuries. He is such an injury risk that his contract can not be insured!!! The only reason for the Stoudamire signing was to lure LeBron, but why did they chose Stoudamire. Why did they not try harder for Bosh, since the Olympic games he has said that he wanted to play with Bosh, but stupid Donny Walsh is to ingnant. If they had waited, and not signed anyone until LeBron had made his decision, allowing LeBron to pick the free agents of his choice to play with, the A’mare contract never would have happened. Instead, we could lay low in the Summer of 2010, posibbly resigning David Lee, and picking up Mike Miller, two non-max salary type players. Then the Knicks would have been in a situation where they would be able to add two top tier free agents in the “year after” containing Tony Parker, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.

As of now, the future looks bleak for the New York Knicks, we now have just A’mare and no true point guard to play with him. Will the Knicks do a sign and trade and pick up Monte Ellis, maybe, now that the Knicks have stupidly commited to A’mare the always reliable and consistent David Lee has no place on the court. Donny Walsh will have to truly pull a “rabbit”(as coach fish calls guards) out of his hat and somehow revive an otherwise dead New York Knick fanbase that is not buying the “New ERA” that A’mare spoke about in his press conference.

Watch out Donny…maybe your best advice is to call Isiah…ask him what to do….and do the exact opposite.

Vanilla (Pete)


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