Agree to Disagree

The following conversation took place tonight, Marquis and I debated on Aim whether James Dolan made a good decision choosing Isiah Thomas to meet with LeBron James.

quis132: isaiah was the knicks last resort, but i understand why they sent him

werewolf8u: No, LeBron told everyone this decision was not about the city, the legacy or anything besides the basketball team, he wanted to know in all the meetings, how the team planned on building a championship team, how does sending Isiah help LeBron understand the Knicks building a winner?

quis132: right but understand something, the knicks didnt really have the firepower that everyone else has- they had jim dolan and donnie walsh and allan houston. none of which have rings. one of which has nba experience. the nets had jay-z, his best friend and a russian billionaire in prokhorov. the heat have dwayne wade (his friend, ring) and pat riley (rings), cleveland is his hometown, so wheres the power in the knicks group? you have to have someone with nba experience, with rings, who the players can have another level of relating toif thats isaiah thomas, then let it be that

werewolf8u: Well now I must say, u have become factually incorrect, Walt Clyde Frasier, who won two rings with the Knicks did have contact with LeBron

werewolf8u:whether Clyde was in the “meeting” is irrelevant, they spoke, he told him what it was liek to Win in new york, Isiah is not a good representation of The Knicks organization. He not only ruined the Knicks, he tarnsihed his own reputation with sexual harrasing Knick employee’s.
quis132: this is why i said i wasnt disagreeing with you fully, but isaiah thomas did not singlehandedly ruin the knicks you cant say that, if you wanna blame someone, blame the entire organization for lack of good judgement in decision making when it came to their team

werewolf8uHe was the one making the decisions, not Dolan, he made the mistake of hiring Isiah, but Isiah was both the General Manager(the man who got the players) and the coach( the man that coached the players) and he failed at both jobs, to say he is not responsible for how poor the Knicks were is ludicrous!

quis132: well i’m not saying at all that the knicks didnt perform poorly,  butwe also have to blame Stephon Marbury, Jerome James, etc.
All I am saying is without Isiah the Knicks had nothing…

werewolf8uNo, Isiah represents one of the worst times in Knicks franchise history…if he met with Lebron for the Pistons, to try and bring him to Detroit, then I agree with you, he brings credibility, but its for New York in which while he coached he led the Knickerbockers to a 55-108 record. That is not something the Knicks should be selling to New York!

quis132 :you do make a great point, alright well… i was trying to say that isiah wasnt the worst, and the knicks needed something its like a last last last last resort thing

quis132 + werewolf8u: I guess we can AGREE TO DISAGREE


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