Crazy day cont’d..

In other news…

The Knicks have agreed in principle with FA point guard Raymond Felton. The deal is thought to be a 3 year contract in which Felton would earn 7 million dollars a year. Last year with the Charlotte Bobcats, Felton averaged 12 points and 5.5 assists per game.

…this is an alright signing, he is known to be a great defender who has a reputation of trying hard. He is a direct product of legendary UNC coach Roy Williams. The man can play, there is no question, but is he the right point guard to run pick and rolls like Steve Nash did, with A’mare, I highly doubt that. All I know, he wore # 20 last year with the Bobcats, HE CAN NOT WEAR Allan Houstons number in NY, that would be a terrible decision…
The New York Daily News Frank Isola also reports, the Knicks have completed a sign and trade of David Lee to Golden State.
The Knicks have reached an agreement to send Lee to the Golden State Warriors in a sign-and-trade for three players, including second-year forward Anthony Randolph. The deal is expected to be announced Friday.Lee, the last pick in the first round of the 2005 draft, is expected to earn $80 million over six years. The Knicks will also receive two serviceable players in center/forward Ronny Turiaf and swingman Kelenna Azubuike.

…this is O.K., personally I would have rather have Lee, not Stoudamire and not traded Lee, but I digress… Anthony Randolph is now the leading candidate to be the Knicks starting center next season, although a forward by trade. The 6-11 forward/center has averaged 9.2 points and 6 rebounds last season. Why does it seem we can never get a center who is 7ft tall?…


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