Crazy Day For Knicks

A day after LeBron decided not to come to New York, craziness ensued for the Knicks.

Early in the day, The New York Post reported Donny Walsh was retiring. Walsh responded with an email to the author of the article Peter Vecsey. “I am not retiring and have not told anyone that I was,” Walsh wrote. Walsh was not happy about Vecsey’s lie in the early edition of the Post claiming Walsh, “may possibly retire because of health reasons and a failure to land LeBron James.”

…good to know Donny is ok after surgery on his neck, but letting Walsh walk away without pay, would not be the saddest thing, as of now I see him as a man who looks more like an accountant, who was able to clear significant cap space, rather than a man who can build a basketball team…

Also today it was reported that the Knicks Owner James Dolan sent former Coach Isiah Thomas to Akron, Ohio to recruit LeBron James. In todays New York Daily News, Knicks beat writer Frank Isola delves into the situation.

“But when the Knicks became aware that they trailed the Heat and Cavs to sign James, the organization brain-stormed and decided it needed to sit down with James’ camp one final time. D’Antoni was the natural choice to fly to Ohio, but Dolan had other ideas. “He wanted Isiah,” said a Knicks official. “That was Dolan’s master plan. Mike was supposed to go to Ohio, but Jim wanted Isiah.”The Knicks would not comment on Thomas’ trip to Akron, but a team source said that Thomas never spoke directly to the Cavs free agent but instead had a meeting with one of James’ advisers. During Thursday’s press conference to introduce Amar’e Stoudemire, Walsh stunned some in the audience when he thanked Thomas for helping the club. According to a source, it was Dolan who suggested to Walsh that he mention the man he replaced as team president.

…this is absolutely ridiculous. James Dolan must be one of the most stupid owners in the history of any sports franchise. I can not contemplate how he thought, sending the former GM, who screwed the team up, then raped a woman, and now is a college coach in florida, would want to make LeBron come. How would that work? The current coach of the Knicks was going to go, but Dolan sent Thomas?
Vanilla (Pete)


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