Lucky Number 7: Yankees

Looks like my Yanks are sitting pretty atop the AL East.
Lucky (Win) Number 7 just came to the Yankees, destroying the Seattle Mariners 6-1 (the very team that Cliff Lee was traded from) behind the pitching potency of Phil Hughes.
Hughes, this season, has started and led the Yankees to 11 of their victories this season, finishing off the first half of the season in style and in top form going into the All-Star break, in which he will also be participating.
Indeed, Hughes talent was promising, but no one at the beginning of this season felt that Hughes would be of as much significance to such an organization as the Yankees as he is now.

Mark Texiera homered twice in the meeting with the Mariners, Robinson Cano RBI’d, bringing in Jeter and Mark Texiera with a triple. Hughes struck out 5, yet was hit 6 times, with 1 run and one error. His ERA as of now is at 3.65. Not great, but not terrible.
“Hughes might have been something of an afterthought in Spring Training, competing with a cast of four other pitchers for work as New York’s fifth starter. But as the Yankees won their seventh straight contest, Hughes has done nothing but make the Yankees look brilliant for their decision to select him.

‘It’s just huge for our team,’ said Mark Teixeira, who homered from both sides of the plate in the win. ‘When a fifth starter, a guy that had to win the job out of Spring Training, becomes one of your aces — it makes such a huge difference in our team. We may not be in first place without Phil Hughes.’
With him, they are baseball’s best team.” (courtesy of

Hughes has been a part of an outstanding Yankees bullpen this season, and he, CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte lead the entire rotation with 11 victories a piece over this first half of the season.
Yanks currently have EIGHT (count ’em, 8) players participating in the All-Star game.
Yankees All Stars- Jeter, Rodriguez, Cano, Sabathia, Hughes, Riviera, Swisher, Pettitte.
Sorry Mr. Wright.

-Sir Cocoa


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