Right Over The Cliff

Seems like the good ol’ Yanks somehow missed their target. For now.

The Mariners, after speculation that Lee would be traded to the Yankees with his former teammate CC Sabathia, chose to trade Lee to the Texas Rangers, giving the Rangers an iron-clad upper hand on the AL West, becoming even more so of a favorite in the division. Lee was surprised at the outcome, showing some signs of interest that he even wants to come to New York after this season.

“I was thinking, ‘It looks like I might be going to New York,'” Lee said. “That’s what they were saying. I was thinking maybe that’s reality. You come to find out that’s not what happened. I think maybe that story triggered some other teams to get a little more aggressive and forced this to happen.”  (courtesy of MLB.com)
Yet the Yank faithful should still maintain hope for a welcome addition to their bullpen, as Lee is a free agent after 3 months (with a new term being applied to the situation, as the Rangers are apparently “renting” Lee)
 with Lee alluding to his interest on becoming a part of the Yankee crew.
“Lee turns 32 next month and can be a free agent after the season. With the Rangers unlikely to offer a contract extension, the Yankees are likely to have another chance during the winter months to pounce on Lee, who is joining his fourth team in the last two seasons.

‘I think this is going to be the last time I do this for a while,’ Lee said. ‘Obviously this offseason, I’m going to be a free agent. There’s going to be some decisions to make there. For now, I think this is the last time. It’s been a fun ride.'”   (courtesy of MLB.com)

Chocolate (Marquis)

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