Home Run Derby Tonight!

It is that time a year again. The time of year when swings are ruined, and legacies can be made. The homerun derby is a gruling affair. It is interesting to see how good a shape the players are in, to see how they can endure through the rounds. This wont be a problem for Nick Swisher or Chris Young, who will not be around for so long. Prince Fielder is not participating though, which is probably good because when he took home the victory last year, he was panting more than an olympic 400 meter runner, in the post race interview. It was quite remarkable to watch him blow his lungs into the microphone.
Lets look at the homers so far this season, and figure out a favorite:
Miguel Cabrera 22, Corey Hart21 Matt Holliday16 David Ortiz18 Hanley Ramirez13 Nick Swisher15 Vernon Wells19 Chris Young15.
From this you can deduce Cabrera is the favorite; however, Tori Hunter, was interviewed on MLB Networks Pre-show and said that it has to be a lefty who would win it. From that it will be either Big Papi or Nick Swisher, who will most likely bat lefty. I have to go with Big Papi who talked his way into the derby by saying “I hit BOMBS”!

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