Amongst All the All-star hype.. An open letter to James Dolan

Dear James Dolan,
You can not be serious! Having Isiah talk to LeBron was a terrible choice, but considering him as the next General Manager of the Knicks, may define you as clinically insane. Now, do not get me wrong, I love the way you have ruined the franchise for over a decade, you have made some bonehead moves, but the bottomline is, you can still save face. Yesterday at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, best friend Chris Paul made a toast that when the time comes, Anthony, Paul and Stoudamire would form a “big-three” of their own in New York. DO NOT RUIN THIS! Having two superstars already talk to the media, saying they want a trade to the Knicks is awesome. This is not like the LeBron thing where he had “the desire to play in the Worlds Most Famous ARENA- MSG, this is real. This big three could build a dynasty. They also mesh together better than the trimuvirates down in South Beach, all of who have humongous ego’s and the need for the ball. Instead the Knicks, would have a true point Guard in Chris Paul, dont get me wrong James, I think Raymond Felton was a nice pickup, but we are talkin CP3! Also Carmelo has to be the most subdued of all the Mega Stars, and he has skills! Unlike Bosh or James, he can actually shoot! Dolan, all you have to do is sitback and worry about Fios takin away Cable’s sales, leave running the Knicks to people who can actually, run the Knicks!
A Fan For Now, And For Later,


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