Knicks: Where To Now?

Well you know what they say, when in rome…
Wait, wrong phrase. What I meant to say was, when you hit rock bottom, there’s really nowhere to go but up. This free agent summer, to me, really marks the beginning of a super slow-  no, an INSANELY SLOW acension for the Knicks back to basketball prominence. This summer was fairly positive, with the addition of Am’are Stoudemire and Raymond Felton. The Knicks have arguably what is one of their better teams over recent years.
But what if the Knicks have a terrible season again? Is it safe to say that they are a complete failure as an NBA team and organization? Exactly how much of an idiot do I look like for saying that they should be fairly successful?
Shoutout for John Rapisardi for saying that they are basically a super-watered down version of the Suns. Its basically what they are. But, a watered down version of the Suns > any Knicks team we’ve had for a while.

Another thing- are we gonna finally start playing defense? I’ve seen a few summer league games and all I can say is that the Knicks play absolutely no defense. None. I really don’t understand it, Mike D’antoni, no wonder you havent won a championship yet. These teams OUTSCORE you. And you dont do anything about it.
So what is the fate of our beloved Knicks? Only time will tell.

At least we’re not New Jersey.



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