The Return of Carlos Beltran

For the first time since October 4th 2009, Carlos Beltran will be in the Mets Lineup Thursday. He will bat 4th and play center field.

…this is huge! It is so awesome to have Carlos back. Picking him up after the all-star break is equivalent to trading for a big name bat, he will make the lineup much deeper sliding Jason Bay, who can hopefully pick it up with the bat, to the sixth hole. The new lineup is projected to be: 1Reyes, 2Pagan, 3Wright, 4Beltran, 5Davis, 6Bay, 7Barajas, 8Tejada…
The return of Beltran also makes the bench deeper as they will have a strong four man outfield rotation, with Jeff Francour looking to be on the bench the most. Manuel has said though, he will sit down with his outfielders and, “explain the situation.”

..Having Beltran back in the lineup also adds a psychological boost. The Mets star center-fielder, arguably the best in the game, will return after missing 169 games, in the last two seasons. Him coming back, ends the chapter of the 2009 season full of injuries, hopefully a healthy Reyes, and Beltran can perform in the second half, the way we expect them to. If they play to the all-star caliber that they are, the Mets will run away with the N.L. East…


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