The Struggles of Joba Chamberlain

After 2 years of messing around, trying to find the right role for Joba Chamberlain, it is time for the Yankee organization to realize failure. Joba Chamberlain has been an absolute disaster this year. He has a 5.79 ERA!

Lets be honest, if his name wasnt JOBA, he would be in AAA. He is not the great setup man that he was his rookie season-he just isnt. No longer do people “fear” Joba.
The Yankees screwed him up. He was a dominant 8th inning man. He and Mariano Rivera formed the best and most sure game over, than any combination it the league, and maybe ever. They were THAT good. Since though, they Yankee organization had made him a starter, then a reliever, then a starter, then a reliever again. Wow, I am tired from saying all that, how must he feel? Now, people in the organization are wondering what to do. Do they let him pitch through his struggles? Do they send him down to triple-A? If he goes to triple-A should they make him a starter again?
All of this change is in Joba Chamberlain’s head. No matter how much he denies it, he must think after every poor outing, that his job is now in jeopardy. After all the pitch counts, and the Joba Rules, have the Yankee’s wasted him? What if they just kept him in the 8th inning role?



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