Fall From Grace?

To me, at least for right now, its kind of hard to believe that 3 years ago, this New York Giants team was just coming off of a professional football World Championship. The effect was euphoric- Eli = MVP, The Catch, the fact that Plaxico Burress was a top wide out in the NFL, and wondering exactly where this 6-5, 250 pound runningback had come from… everything hadn’t sunk in for me. This was the first time a New York football team had so captured my attention since Curtis Martin played for the Jets (excluding when I saw games with Lawrence Taylor in it on ESPN Classic…those were the days.) Now with a lack of a defensive captain, a team riddled with injuries, and an elderly statesman in a coach that is seemingly growing and going crazier as the days go by, I wonder where the Giants stand with the other giants of the NFL.

Taking a look at the Giants division, they have to deal with (in their own division, mind you) with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Redskins (both very good and revamped teams), and the Dallas Cowboys (almost everyone’s favorite to make it out of the division this year). Then in the entire conference, the best teams they would have to (possibly face at one point) the Minnesota Vikings, The New Orleans Sants, and the Arizona Cardinals. Then in the AFC, the best teams they would most likely lose against/or dont match up well with at this point are the New England Patriots, The Baltimore Ravens, The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Indianapolis Colts, the San Diego Chargers… and even the Jets. (favorite team since Keyshawn Johnson btw.) Now, granted, some of these teams the Giants don’t even play, but you have to wonder how they would fare against them .
Now the team itself. Domenik Hixon, one of Eli Manning’s primary targets is out for the entire season with a torn ACL.  Michael Strahan, long retired, and Antonio Pierce who recently retired, both leave the signature Giants defense that we all know and love without a standout leader…Maybe Justin Tuck? But his numbers havent been super outstanding, they have been decent and very consistent. And rumor is that Osi Umenyiora is on the trading block. How did this happen?
Yep, its quite hard to believe that this team was at the top of the tops, and how fast they have made their decline. Maybe Eli and Brandon Jacobs can salvage a season that doesn’t seem too promising.



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