Revis Cares More About "the green" than Gang Green

Jets training camp starts two weeks from Sunday, and Darrelle Revis says he has no idea if he’ll be there or not.The Pro Bowl cornerback is seeking a new contract he says the team promised him, but told ESPN on Wednesday that he was “clueless” where those talks were at.

             -Excerpt from Matt Battaglino, New York Post:

The Jets need to get this situation resolved, they need to keep Revis happy, but I do not believe Revis is being pro-team right now. He is looking out for himself, rather than the team or the organization. I can understand if he still seeks a new contract, but if he misses Mini-camp, he is sending a message to the rest of the men who put on the green and white that he cares more about the green paper, than “Gang Green”.

…This is insane, the man has a contract. Whether he deserves to be paid more than any other cornerback in the league is irrelevant. The man needs to realize he made a commitment when he signed his contract. The problem is in football, more than any other sport, a players career could be over tomorrow. He wants to get as much money now as possible…

At this time, I would like to remind everyone of the scene in Mr. Deeds. A star football quarterback of the New York Jets walks in and wants to renegotiate his contract to earn more. When Deeds is informed the player is justified because he threw for more yards than any other QB, he disagrees, asking the player, “if you did worse, could we pay you any less?” ...Revis obviously has not seen the movie…


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