Shutout again by San Francisco Pitching, Mets Need Sparkplug: Reyes

The Mets(48-42) were once again shutout last night to drop the second game of the four game series against the San Francisco Giants(49-41). Jon Niese pitched well, going seven strong innings allowing only one run on a fielders choice. Niese certainly pitched well enough to win, but the Mets bats stayed silent agianst Giants starter Barry Zito. Just like Lincecum did the night previous, Barry Zito baffled the Mets, striking out 10 and allowing only two hits in 8 innings of scoreless ball. Jerry Manuel was hardly ready to dismiss this shutout as just a dominant performance by Zito. “You could say that the guy pitched real well,” manager Jerry Manuel said. “But I still believe at some point we have to unlock this offense. We have to be a little bit more consistent offensively. I didn’t see us having very many opportunities or very many good swings.”
The Mets can not get anything going! It seems as though when watching, some of these Major League Players look as though they have never picked up a bat! Tejada, Cora, Davis, Barajas, Bay and Francour all have been struggling mightly, Wright has been doing well, but the Mets can not win with just him hitting, they need to string together hits, something they havent been doing well lately. Jerry Manuel is a big believer in situational hitting(getting the guy over and in) but the runners are not getting in scoring postion, there is noone to drive in!
The bottomline is the Mets need Jose Reyes to be in the lineup, whether his oblique strain limits him to batting only righty or not, they need their sparkplug back in the lineup. They seem to not be able to get anything done without him. Whether its emotional or truly his peformance on the field, they Mets need their leadoff man in the lineup. The Met organization has found no structural damage in any MRI’s they have taken, but I’ll give Reyes the benefit of the doubt, I am sure it hurts, but at what point does he have to realize that he needs to take the pain along with the millions of dollars the Mets are paying him and get on the field and do his job. Reyes does no good for the Mets sitting on the bench.



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