Together AGAIN!

Tonight is a big night for the New York Mets. They have Mike Pelfrey, the best pitcher on the Mets so far this year on the mound, and he has a full supporting cast. For the first time since last June Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes will be on the field together. Also rejoining the team, second baseman Luis Castillo who is returning from a foot injury.

…this will be a big game for the Mets:

  1. they want to start this series off strong
  2. this is the team to win with, if they cant win with team “A” they are not a good team
  3. this is big for morale, finally having all of the guys back on the field at the same time is good for the organization

Pelfrey has to give the Mets a chance, keep them in the game, and give the offense the opportunity to win the game!



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