The Disaster That is the NYM

The Mets got spanked by the Arizona Diamondbacks last night 12-2. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey was awful, he gave up 6 runs, while recording only 4 outs. The Mets RA Dickey (6-3, 2.63) faces Barry Enright (1-2, 3.45) tonight at 9:30.

… The Mets do not have the feel they had in the month of June. They no longer seem like contenders at all. After last nights game the Mets have dropped to 5.5 games back of the Atlanta Braves. THEY CAN NOT CONTINUE TO DROP BACK! Although there is plenty of time before the playoffs the Mets must stick around so they have the opportunity to make a run in September. They must hover around a five game defecit, or they will push themselves out of contention. The rest of July and the month of August will be like Britain after WW2: SURVIVAL! They must stay afloat…
…To help insure this, Omar Minaya, who did a great job creating depth in the beggining of the year, must add another starting pitcher. In doing so, he will not only make the rotation better, but upgrade the bullpen at the same time, as it wall push Hisanori Takahashi back to the bullpen, in which he excels. For various and unknown reasons, Takahashi does exponentially better against the lineup the first time around, but gets hit harder and harder as the game moves on. A player like that is fit for the bullpen…

The Mets and Jerry Manuel need to not give up on this road trip, the Mets have lost four of the first 5 games on the trip, but have six remaining. The Mets need to take four out of the next six, or things in Queens will start to look very bleak.


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