Chris Paul Update

UPDATE: According to Chris Brussard of ESPN, New Orleans Point Guard Chris Paul, has changed the team at the top of his desired trade list to the Orlando Magic. It was earlier reported that he had the Knicks in front above the Trailblazers and Mavericks, but according to Brussard he has changed his mind. Do not though rule out, the Knicks, who although may not be the front-runners, are still on his desired teams list.

…Thats fine with me, Yes if the Knicks aquired Chris Paul, that would be great, but at what cost? New Orleans wants players back, plus they want to get rid of Emeka Okafur. I dont think I would trade away the future of the Knicks: Wilson Chandler, Toney Douglous and Danilo Galinari for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafur. I think the Knicks have three young rising stars who they must build around. Although adding Paul to form a nice pick and roll tandem of Paul and Stoudamire would be nice, I dont want the Knicks to give up their core young talent…



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