Chris Paul’s Impact on NY

         As top free agents have decided to pass on playing for the Knicks, one star player that might not have been on their radar has shown interest. Chris Paul’s aggressive push for a trade from the New Orleans Hornets has given Knicks fans hope that their team will be able to contend in the immediate future. If Paul could lure Carmelo Anthony away from the Nuggets after next season, the idea that Paul, ‘Melo, and Stoudamire would be “taking their talents” to MSG could bring the city back into the basketball spotlight. The one question that most teams in the Eastern Conference are wondering about is, “Can we beat the Big 3 in South Beach?” With a strong supporting cast around Paul, Carmelo, and Stoudamire, the Knicks would be able to match-up with the Heat. The other important aspect of the possible Big 3 in NY would be style of play. Unlike the dynamic between Lebron and Wade, Carmelo Anthony would be the Alpha Dog, with Chris Paul and Amare understanding their roles as high level supporting teammates.

         The recruiting of James Dolan and Donnie Walsh has been criticized after they failed to fill out their roster with top level players in the most hyped free agency ever; this would be their opportunity for redemption. If it comes down to Isiah Thomas trying to convince Paul and Anthony to play in NY, Donnie Walsh should prepare to file an unemployment claim after this season.
                                                                                         -Michael Hendel


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