The Cincinatti Freakshow

Allow me to go inland for a bit and comment on the recent dealing of T.O. to the Cincinatti Bengals.

Are you kidding? How did this even happen?
Okay so, now that T.O. and Ocho are now on the same team, allow me to convey to you some details.
Both are wide recievers. Both have reality shows. Both have the potential to be main cogs in the teams they are on. Both are drama queens. Both love cameras. They are both good friends. But most importantly, both have reality shows.
So now the training camp of the Cincinatti Bengals will be plagued by the paparazzi, with TO and Ocho literally bringing all of Hollywood to the small time area of Cincinatti.
So, question. Do you really think these two are gonna remain happy all this season? With their type of personalities, do you think that they wouldn’t find fault in something, somewhere and not complain about it?
I am dying to see what is going to happen when these two stars (who are now on the same team) are on and off the field during the season.
Drama? Lies? Love? Comedy? Tragedy?
I call conspiracy. Vh1 mustve paid a good sum of money to bring this to fruition.


2 thoughts on “The Cincinatti Freakshow

  1. I totally agree with you. To answer your question; No, i really don't think they'll stay happy. Although, they may try to fake it for the cameras. Plus, T.O's gonna want the ball as much(if not more) than Ochocinco. It's the same thing as the Miami Heat; not everyone can have the ball and score.

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