Hall of Fame Wont Call Arod’s Name

It seems that all is right in the world, the Mets beat the division leading Braves last night, the Yankees lost, and A-Rod is still stuck on home run 599. I have been weiry of writing a post about A-Rod who in my opinion will never hit homer 600, because I know that the day I write that A-Rod will never do it, he will hit it that same day.

But, I take the leap of faith, and believe in my opinion so much, that I am willing to take the risk of putting my outlandish thoughts on the blog. As I have said many times on The Daily Bite, the baseball god’s will not let him do it. They will not let him hit #600, in which at age 35 he would be the youngest to do so. He is just too much of a cheater. The problem with A-rod is I have a feeling he will still go into the hall of fame, no matter if he retires tommorow. Unlike Barry Bonds, he has not been an asshole to the media, or to his teamates. He has won a ring with the best franchise in all of sports, and stepped up to the plate and had a great postseason. He has a legacy that is tainted though, because of his steroid use.

Now, I dont care if he said he only used it for one season, he is LYING! No player admits to full use, they admit to as little as they can. Sports Illustrated’s Selena Gomez found a source who confirmed steroid use during a season with the Rangers, so A-rod only had to admit what was already known. Of course he would not admit to using for more than a decade, because he believes people would then discredit all of his stats. But, in my eyes he would have paved a path of honesty. He would have opened the doors for other steroid users to come clean and admit to the fullest extent. He would have saved face, by being honest to his fans, instead he admited to the least extent and tried to move on. And he did for the most part, he won a ring, even while being on the front of the tabloids for cheating on his wife, and going out with Maddona

But, when the HOF commitee and the Sportswriters Association of America look at his transcript four years after he retires and is on the ballot for Cooperstown, they will not be able to ignore the taint that A-rod now brings with him. They realize if they admit him, who not only admited to use, but probably did more than he said he did, then Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa should join him in Cooperstown NY. But do we want to let cheaters into baseball most sacred place? What kind of message does that send?


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