Dolan Hires Isiah Thomas as Consultant, possibly future G.M.

Knick fans, you must think I am joking, well I am not! I wish I were. It pains me to write this, but I must. According to mutiple sources, including the New York Daily News, New York Post, The New York Times, and ESPN, the Knicks announced Friday they have hired former General Manager Isiah Thomas as a basketball consultant.

“According to a person close to Thomas, he has convinced Dolan that if he were in charge of the Knicks’ free agent recruiting efforts, he could do a better job than team president Donnie Walsh or coach Mike D’Antoni of convincing the NBA’s young stars to come to New York. In July, the Knicks will have enough salary cap space to sign a max free agent. Dolan apparently believes that Thomas can deliver Denver’s Carmelo Anthony. The following year the Hornets’ Chris Paul becomes a free agent.”- Frank Isola, NY DAILY NEWS

Now this is absolutely ridiculous, Knicks Owner James Dolan decided to bring back the most hated man in New York to help a franchise that is supposedly moving forward, in a new direction? Isiah Thomas represents the worst period in the history of the Knicks, and yet he is going to help lure free agents like Carmelo and CP3? I could understand if it worked with LeBron James, if somehow, he used his magic fairy dust and obtained the King, then yes, bring him back, but there is no reason, to reward Isiah with a position in the organization, it just makes zero sense.

Isiah Thomas had a different spin on the story than I did,
“I was honored to have been asked to help during the recent free-agent recruiting process, and believe that this new role takes full advantage of my skill set as an evaluator of basketball talent.” While I will of course continue in my role as F.I.U.’s coach, I look forward to working with Donnie, Coach D’Antoni and all of the Knicks staff to help bring a championship back to New York.”-Isiah Thomas, New York Knicks consultant.  

So he will coach F.I.U. next year, and help the Knicks as a consultant…WHAT? How can an full-time Division 1 basketball head coach have any time to help the Knicks, why give him a formal position as a consultant? He could stay as a consultant without having any formal ties to the Knicks organization. Why would the Knicks want it public that they are going to Isiah Thomas for help? Say, they were going to him for help, why would they have admited they sent him to go talk to LeBron, and why would they want this public? The only possible explanation is they are breaking the news to Knick fans very slowly, piece by piece that he will be the future G.M. of the New York Knicks. Maybe not this season, as Donny Walsh feels like he can handle it for now, even with his health problems. But, in the future he will be the General Manager.


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