Good Things For Jets

Speculation says that the New York Jets will have an outstanding season this coming 2010-11 season. With Mark Sanchez at the helm for the Jets and Darelle Revis most likely (hopefully) returning to the Jets top-flight defense, prepare for a good season… Don’t agree with me? Well at least Joe Namath does.

Namath, 67, gushed about quarterback Mark Sanchez, the top-ranked defense and the high-profile additions of LaDainian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor. Perhaps the best player on the team — Revis — still hasn’t reported to camp, but Namath predicted a happy ending to the contract mess.
He almost sounded like he had some inside knowledge, saying he talked to “some important people” in the organization.
“I’m not worried at all,” Namath said. “I’m confident he’s going to be here. I know Mr. [Woody] Johnson wants him, I know Rex wants him, we all want him here. Just being around the last day or so, my confidence has grown tremendously, believing we’ll have Revis.” (courtesy of
I hope so Joe. I really do. I believe in my heart that the Jets will have an outstanding season. And we’ll finally have two good sports teams in New York again like we did a couple years ago.

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