Carmelo Will Not Sign Extension ; Knicks A Possibility?

It seems as though Denver Nuggets Forward Carmelo Anthony will not sign the contract extension the Nuggets have offered him which will probably result in him being traded. On Tuesday afternoon, the New York Post Staff Writers detailed the situation.

Anthony, who grew up in Baltimore and played at Syracuse, could return to the East Coast in two ways: He could sign the three-year, $65 million extension the Nuggets have offered, then force the team to trade him. Or he could refuse to sign, leaving the Nuggets to trade him or receive nothing when he becomes a free agent after this season.Either option could have Anthony in a Knicks uniform at the start of this season, or at the league’s February trade deadline.The Denver Post reports the Nuggets have maintained they will trade the high-scoring forward rather than lose him for nothing, and ESPN said, around the NBA, “The persistent belief is New York is where he wants to end up.” – New York Post

…I am not sure how this is breaking news, it was reported two months ago that Carmelo was unlikely to accept the Nuggets extension. I guess it is interesting though how these rumors about Carmelo and the wedding toasts in which Carmelo, Chris Paul and Amare Stoudamire all apparently made toasts of forming their own “big 3” in the big apple. Apparently Carmelo and Chris Paul both took a liking to Knicks Head Coach Mike D’antoni who was the assistant for the USA Olympic team that took home the Gold in ’08. Chris Paul is not likely to be moved during this season, but will be a free agent at the end of the year. Carmelo also has one year left on his deal but is unwilling to sign an extension, so the Nuggets would rather get something for him than, let him walk away, leaving them empty handed. In a possible deal, the Knicks would likely include Eddy Curry and his contract while taking on Carmelo’s full contract and sending a couple young players maybe a Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglass combination… 



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