Francisco Rodriguez Placed on Disqualified List

On Tuesday the New York Mets placed closer Francisco Rodriguez(K-Rod) on the Disqualified List. Placing K-Rod on the DQ list allows the Mets to stop paying him until he is physically ready to perform. Since he underwent season ending surgery, the earliest that could be is next spring training. The Mets though, are not happy with K-rod, whose injury to his right thumb was sustained during the physical altercation with his girlfriends father, will try and renegotiate his contract this off-season, to make his entire contract non-guaranteed, like an ordinary NFL contract. Then if Rodriguez can not perform, or not at a high level the Mets could let him go, and not have to pay him at all.

Matt Cerrone of sums it up fantastically:

Basically, it sounds to me like the Mets are going to do their best to have it both ways: keep Rodriguez around, since they still might need a closer next year… but if he isn’t healthy, or if they’re just not happy with the overall situation, they can cut him at very little cost.- Matt Cerrone,

Omar Minaya said yesterday, he intends Rodriguez will be back in a Met uniform next season.

…I hope not, I sincerly hope Minaya is just saying this so he doesnt seem too anxious to trade Rodriguez to a team this offseason. I want the Mets to change the overall feel of the team, and bringing back K-rod, who no longer is the closer he once was, and clearly has created a rift in the Mets clubhouse, is not a good idea…



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