Injury Update: Jason Bay Out For Year?

 Prior to Last Nights Met win, Jerry Manuel addressed reporters saying that it was likely Jason Bay was done for the season.Manuel told reporters Bay continues to suffer from symptoms stemming from the concussion he sustained last month in Los Angeles.

But, after the win, he had a sudden change of heart, “It appears that I was a little premature in saying Jason Bay wouldn’t be back,” Manuel said. “It appears he is recovering nicely and that there is a possibility he will be back to play.”

Now this could mean two things:

  1. He is out of touch with his player, Bay does not feel it neccesary to contact Manuel or vice-versa
  2. The Mets Front Office got on Manuel for misreporting information, or giving too much information out

Either way, this does not look good for Jerry, it shows he is both not informed and does not have much credibility when someone is done for the year before the game and then “recovering nicely” just a few hours later.

To be honest though Bay has been a complete disaster this year, and if I were the Mets I would be extra cautious, throw this year away as a wasted year for Bay, and start fresh next season, hoping he can be the Bay we thought the Mets signed.Before going on the DL Jason Bay was hitting .259 with six home runs and 47 RBI. That is not who we signed, not at all!



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