Red Sox get Crawford

Update 7:50:
According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, “t
he Yankees have presented Lee with an assortment of contract choices.” He believes the bids are something like five years for $125MM ($25MM per), six years for $144MM ($24MM per), and seven years for $161MM ($23MM per).


The Rangers requested the Arkansas meeting and plan to increase their offer beyond five years.-MLB Network Insider Ken Rosenthal

The Rangers are “adding any perk necessary” to please Lee and his family- Yahoo’s Steve Heneson.
According to multiple sources, the Boston Red Sox have signed Carl Crawford to a 7 year-142 million dollar contract. To many Yankee fans, this signing may come as a shock, because many people believed the Angels were the front runner in the Crawford Sweepstakes. The Red Sox have just added another big name to their starting lineup, and have shored up their fielding weaknesses in the outfield. What does this addition mean for the Yankees? This signing will create a ripple effect in the pursual of Cliff Lee. Most people believed that the Yanks did not want to sign Lee for 7 years because Lee would be 39 in the last year of the deal. But with the pressure of not having a star free agent to fall back on, the Yankees may have to go all out on Lee. Along with that fact, according to Brian Cashman, Andy Petite is leaning towards retirement. Petite had a great, although injury-plauged, year in 2010 and the Yanks will need to add a starting pitcher to compete in the East. Cliff Lee would be the perfect guy.


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