Mets Should Name Captain Wright Now

If the Mets believe that simply hiring a no nonsense manager like Terry Collins will change the atmosphere and dynamic of the team, they are in for a rude awakening. No matter if you put Joseph Stalin, or Pee Wee Herman as the manager, unless you surgicially remove some of the cancerous parts of the team, the team will still suffer the same dysfunction that it has over the last few seasons.

The first step to curing any kind of disease is early recognition. Well, Omar Minaya did not recognize the obvious ailments under his tenure but it may not be too late.This current front office though, led by General Manager Sandy Alderson, has decided that instead of making any, “impulsive decisions” that they will wait it out, and see what these players have in Spring Training. I understand that both Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo are owed a signifcant amount of money, but to not buy out their contracts will cost even more.

Spring Training is super important for a baseball team. Not only do the players shake off the three months of rust, and break in the new leather of their gloves and cleats, but they form an identity. Now, if the organinzation wants to form a different identity, unlike the lazy one, uncooperative one that both Castillo and Perez have portrayed, they must weed them out of the garden.
The change must not stop their though. The Mets need the face of their franchise, David Wright to step up and be the true leader. Wright has been the spokesman for years. Just like the Captain across town, Wright has said all the right things, he has appeared in all the commercials and has been a model New Yorker. Now, it is time to be the guy who gets the clutch hits, makes the tough plays, and truly is the leader of the players.
It seems that every year SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt asks Wright how comfortable he is as a leader, and every year Wright has responded that he feels more and more comfortable with each year under his belt. Well, this year I want Wright to respond, “I feel totally comfortable, and I am the leader of the New York Mets”. If the Mets want to be succesful this season and in years to come, they need to have a veteran who does things the right way, in order to base themself off of.

I want Ike Davis, Josh Thole, Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Daniel Murphy, and other young Mets, to see how he goes about things, and realize their is a wrong way to do things and a Wright way.

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