Update: In his 2:15 Wednesday Press conference, he refused to confirm or deny that the videos were of his wife.

The Jets are sitting at 10-4 in the AFC East, and have the opportunity to clinch a playoff berth Sunday against the Bears. Yet, most attention towards the Jets has been negative over the last few days.

There is current speculation, by reporters at deadspin.com, that foot fetish videos posted on youtube and other sites, that contain a woman who bears striking resemblance to Michelle Ryan, Jets head coach Rex Ryans wife are indeed of her. There is also reportedly a video, in which Michelle Ryan acts as if she is sleeping with her bare feet hanging outside of the car.

Then, a police officer, who is not shown on screen, presumably the cameraman, comes over and starts asking her questions while his hands are reportedly stroking her feet. Many in the New York media and on these sites such as youtube, have commented that the voice of the “Cop” is one in the same with Rex Ryan.

Ryan is set to have a press conference with media at 2:15 Wednesday.

The problem is this is not an isolated negative case surrounding the Jets. There was the wrestling match in Miami where Rex Ryan was seen absolutely plastered drunk and flipping the bird to all of Miami, the Braylon Edwards DUI, the female reporter, Inez Sanz, sexual harrasment allegations, the Sam Alosi tripping situation, and of course this foot-fetish scandal.

Now, this may not have penalties to Rex as it is not illegal, but it certainly creates an awkward situation in which even I feel awkward writing about it. It serves as just another distraction that the Jets dont need heading into week 17 in which the Jets should focus instead on clinching a playoff spot.

There is no debate Rex Ryan has changed the culture, from the opening press conference in which he promised to not kiss Bill Bellicheck’s rings, to the press conference that will take place at 2:15 on Wednesday, yet has it been more detrimental than beneficial?

Certainly Ryan has generated more discussion about the Jets, and all while still winning. Despite my moral problems with the way the Jets are representing themselves, they are getting the job done, they have already won ten times, and if they continue to not let these off-field issues affect their play on the field, it does not matter, and it will not change.


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