Redskins Present Comes One Day Late

The Jets headed into Sundays game in Chicago knowing that if they defeated the Bears, they would secure a spot in the playoffs, yet they lost and can still celebrate.

The Jets and Head Coach Rex Ryan recieved their greatest present on the 26th of December, when The Washington Redskins pulled out an overtime victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the Jaguars loss, the Jets clinched an AFC playoff spot.

The Chicago Bears defeated the Jets by a score of 38-34. The Jets defense was unable to stop Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler, who threw for 215 yards and three touchdowns with just one interception. The Jets Defensive line provided no pressure on Cutler, who was able to sit back in the pocket, and deliver strike after strike to his recievers. WR Johnny Knox was the player of the game for the Bears with two TD’s and 94 yards.

The young Devon Hester was a big factor, returning a kickoff for 40 yards and also a punt for 38, both setting up Bears touchdowns.
The Jets can not blame the loss on anyone but themselves. There was the fumble by WR Santonio Holmes, that cost the Jets 7 points, the drop in the endzone by TE Dustin Keller that cost the Jets 7 points, and the fake punt that backfired, which also caused the Jets 7 points.

The Jets decided to try a fakepunt deep in their own territory while they had the lead in the thrid quarter, it makes zero sense. The play would have been succesful if Special Teams specialist Brad Smith caught the pass Mark Sanchez threw to him, but he dropped it and the Bears took over with great field position.

The Jets offense built on its performance in Pittsburg last week. After a week of frenzy, as QB Mark Sanchez missed two practices with shoulder soreness, he was 24-37 with over 269 yards and a TD, and an INT. Shonn Greene ran the ball well, in just 12 carries he ran for 70 yards. The Jets must utalize him more. Its fine to have LT get a couple carries early in the game to keep him happy, respecting the future Hall of Famer, but he can not be getting more touches than Greene.

The Jets welcome in the Buffalo Bills to the New Meadowlands Stadium Sunday. In his postgame conference, after Ryan heard the cheers from inside the Jets lockerroom, realizing he had clinched the playoffs, discussed resting players, especially QB Mark Sanchez.

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