Recommended Reading: Heymans 25 Value Free Agents

Unlike the Suggested Summer Reading your librarian handed out before each summer, you should actually read this great article in which Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman breaks down the 25 best value free agents.

Heymans Top Five:

1. Chris Young, SP. When the Mets were talking to him, he was reportedly only looking for a couple million guaranteed. “If he’s healthy,” I like him, said an NL scout. “He’s very deceptive.” He also represents himself in
negotiations, and while he’s a Princeton man, this is rarely a good idea for
maximizing one’s deal.

2. Chad Durbin, RP. The erudite right-hander had a
nice year in the Phillies’ pen last year. Can throw 95, and could get caught in
a bullpen squeeze.

3. David Eckstein, INF. His mere presence usually means
that a team will overachieve. The ultimate scrapper.

4. Marcus Thames, DH/1B/OF. He showed enough power to bat fifth against lefties in Joe Girardi’s playoff lineups. Not a great defender, but the man can hit.

5. Bruce Chen, SP. Once considered another Braves phenom on the rise, he may turn out to be a late bloomer. Had a surprisingly excellent year for the Royals last year, and perhaps it was no fluke. A new trick changeup may have turned his career
around. “

Read more:

…Brandon Webb signed a one year deal worth around 3 million dollars guaranteed with the Rangers last weekend, which should kick the market of other free agent starting pitchers with injury concerns like Chris Young and Jeff Francis, who will sign for a bit more than Webb. Both the Mets and Yankees are considering Young and Francis, but have to find the right price to aquire a pitcher with injury concerns like they have…

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