Alomar and Blyleven Elected to HOF

The Sportswriters Association of America have elected 2B Roberto Alomar and SP Bert Blyleven to be the newest members of the Hall of Fame. They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown New York next July.

In his 14th year on the ballot, Pitcher Bert Blyleven finally got the phone call he wanted this afternoon, letting him know he would be removed from the ballot– as he had been elected. Blyleven recieved 78% of the vote, just a bit more than the neccesary 75%.

“So what happened to Blyleven? He didn’t snap off any more of his signature curveballs after his retirement in 1992. He didn’t add to his totals of 287 wins,27th overall), 60 shutouts (ninth) or 3,701 strikeouts (fifth).It seemed it was a change in attitude among voters (and in voters as
writers retired). A pitcher’s worth is no longer judged by just wins and losses. Newer statistics such as wins above replacement (WAR) and fielding independent pitching (FIP) try to add context to the always difficult debate about greatness.Or maybe it was just Blyleven’s time. “It’s been 14 years of praying and waiting,” he said. “I thank the Baseball Writers [Association] of America, I’m going to say, for finally getting it right.”
– Anthony Rieber, Newsday

…I Cant buy that Blyleven deserves the HOF nod because he has waited. Blyleven was a very good pitcher, but I do not believe he was truly great. I dont think he was ever top 5 at his position in a decade. If the writers continually elect guys like Andre Dawson of last year’s class and Blyeven, who have been on the ballot for too long, the standards of the HOF start deteriorating. Instead of needing 300 wins to get in the HOF, now people will see Bylevens 267, and believe even less wins than that is HOF fame worthy. Discussion for guys like Mike Mussina, and Andy Pettite come about, guys were very good, top impact players, but never dominated for a continued period of time–they were never GREAT. If after 5 years you do not get elected no matter what percentage, you should be off the ballot…

Roberto Alomar, was voted on 90% of the Baseball writers ballots. Alomar would have been elected last year most likely if he did not have the infamous spitting on the umpire incident, to which many writers felt they must penalize him for.
Alomar was a career .300 hitter with 210 homers(14 per 162). He made 13 all star appearances and was awarded ten gold gloves.
…Alomar was without a doubt in the top two or three second baseman in all of baseball through the entirity of the decade of the 1990’s. He was certainly deserving election, too bad writers couldnt look past spitting incident last year, he certainly had first ballot credentials…

Sluggers Mark McGwire(admitted to steroids), Rafael Palmeiro (Denied then tested positive to steroids) and Jeff Bagweell (never linked to steroids) all recieved less than 40%. Palmeiro recieved just 11% percent of the vote, just more than the 5% neccesary to remain on the ballot.

…I dont believe that cheaters should be allowed in to the Hall Of Fame. If you have cheated, you should have to deal with the consequences, but to deny a player like Raffy Palmeiro who is just one of four players in Major League history to have 3,000 hits and 500 homers, from the museum that honors the greatest players is absurd. He is too good to be ignored and forgotten from the game. There is no question that Rafael Palmeiro was the greatest player on the ballot on Wednesday afternoon, yet it is the 2005 congressional hearing in which, Palmeiro shook his finger at the congress, firmly stating he did not do steroids, that has led to all the hatred towards him. Just a few months after this hearing he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs…

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