Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano

According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated the New York Yankees have signed RP Rafael Soriano on a 3 year deal worth $35 million dollars.
Now you could be a optimistic Yankee fan who agrees with every move like our own Drew Kilman…

“This is a great pickup for the Yankees, who by signing Soriano have secured a solid setup man to Mariano Rivera in a bullpen that has been very inconsistent over the past few years. The acquisition of Soriano will also allow for other relievers to make starts for the highly lacking rotation.
This acquisition is one of the few bright spots during the Yankees offseason, and with Soriano’s 1.73 ERA in 2009, the late inning relief seems to be secure for the Yankees.”

Or you can look at it as an impartial critic (Mets Fan)

…Nice move, really soldifies bullpen, having a good one two punch of Soriano to Rivera will be nice. I love combining two closers it always works…O WAIT, it failed miserably in 2009 when JJ Putz and K-Rod tried it. If Soriano can truly embrace set up role, than it will be ok, but closers are a special bread. Billy Wagner was never the same pitcher in a non save situation, and JJ Putz when on record saying the same juices dont flow in the 8th inning. Joe Girardi must also be careful, not to allow Soriano to have many save sitautions, while giving Mariano Rivera a day off, you dont want to get Rivera pissed, or convince Soriano the job should be his. Also Brian Cashman, this is a nice pickup but we know even if Andy Pettite does come back it wont be for Opening Day, and with everyday of no announcement, it is less likely he will come back at all. How about finding a starting pitcher?…

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