Melo-less Brooklyn

In a press conference Wednesday, the New Jersey Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov terminated the Carmelo-Anthony-centered trade discussions with the Nuggets because he was “not happy with the way the deal was going” (Sports Illustrated).

If the trade was executed, the Nets would lose a Derrick Favors, among the leagues elite prospects, and three to four first round draft picks. While they would acquire Carmelo Anthony, he would render ineffective with no supporting cast. This exact scenario was demonstrated by the 2008 Nets–a team which had one source of offense in Vince Carter and won only 34 games. While the Nets had planned on supporting Anthony with talented free agents, that is not a secure future.
Accordingly, the five first round draft picks over the next two years the Nets posses and prospect Derrick Favors will prove far more valuable to their roster than Carmelo Anthony. The Nets could follow the same rebuilding plan of the Thunder, a young and rising team in the west currently 27-15 which effectively drafted its entire roster. The Nets must refrain from pursuing big names, and rather recognize their present assets: a surplus of draft picks, and front-court with infinite potential in Derrick Favors and Brook Lopez.

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