Would Peyton Manning think of Signing with team Other than colts?

I have learned from a source who knows a source who is close to Free Agent Quarter Back Peyton Manning’s agent that Manning has no desire to resign with the Indianapolis Colts, and actually has made it clear that he wants to sign with a team who is willing to allocate proper funds to be competative.
Now- take this information with just a grain of salt. It may be entire crap, but it is fun to think about so I decided to think about it a bit more. How accurate this source is, well, its probably not very reliable, as many including Manning’s agent have come on the record saying he is confident a deal “might get done.” Yet, for the conspiracy theorists inside of us, lets wonder if Manning would ever sign to a different team. For all I know, Peyton Manning may want to be a Colt for his entire career, but is that the only place he is willing to play?
Why would Manning want to leave the Colts, as he is the face of the franchise, and coming off of nine straight ten plus win seasons?
Over the past decade, the Colts have not signed premiere free agents, but decided instead to attempt to win with the same core- that comes up just too short.
Maybe Manning is fed up with the Colts unwillingness to spend to put them over the top. After nine consecutive ten plus win seasons, look for Manning to join a competitve team willing to spend to improve like the Dallas Cowboys and Owner Jerry Jones, who would be happy to make Peyton Manning the top paid player in the history of the NFL.
In a Sports Illustrated article published today, Colts owner Jim Irsay, has gone on the record saying he will make Manning, the only four time MVP, the highest paid player in the NFL. Irsay is confident he will get a deal done by March regardless of a new CBA, yet this is not the first time he has tried to come to an agreement with Manning.
“Irsay wanted to reach a new deal last summer and when that didn’t happen, the Colts tried to make Manning a formal offer during their bye week. Condon then told them Manning wanted to focus on football, not contracts, until after the season. Now, things could get complicated.”- Sports Illustrated

Well let me tell you, I would not be suprised at all if Manning does indeed resign with the Colts. But I think this is not the same team he once had with his old reciever Marvin Harrison and coach Tony Dungy. This was another year under Jim Caldwell that fell short. At thirty-five Manning may realize he wants to win again, and Indy may not be the best situation to do that- I dont think he will mind if he becomes highest paid player along the way.

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