Mets Minor League System: Middle of the Pack?

Sandy Alderson took over and assured the Met fan base, the minor league systems were in far better shape then people gave it credit. He said, unlike some popular opinion, the Mets have actually a middle of the pack farm system.

When Terry Collins, who served as the Minor League field coordinator of the Mets in 2010 took over, it was reasonable to believe him aswell, it was assumed noone knew the farm system as well as he did, and if he said it was good- it was.

Yet today Keith Law of, ranked the New York Mets 26th in Minor League Baseball organizations, hardly middle of the pack.

From all my reading and talking to people, I have come to understand the Mets had a fairly decent Minor League system before former Mets General Manager Omar Minaya took over. Minaya planned to use his Latin connection to help him with both aquiring Free Agents like Pedro Martinez, and Carlos Beltran, but also try and get some young talent from Latin America. Instead of spending money on the draft, they decided to not spend overslot, and therefore not aquire much talent. According to Law, this has caught up on them.

Baseball America has ranked the Mets top 10 prospects as follows:

1-Jenrry Mejia, RHP
2-Wilmer Flores, SS

3-Cesar Puello, OF
4-Matt Harvey, RHP
5-Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF
6-Reese Havens, 2B
7-Lucas Duda, OF/1B
8-Fernando Martinez, OF

 9-Aderlin Rodriguez, 3B

10-Brad Holt, RHP
But according to Jonathan Mayo of, none of the Mets prospects ranks in the top 50 in baseball, in fact according to Mayo the Mets highest ranking prospect Wilmer Flores(58) is an oversized shortsop who will eventually move to either third or first, positions that seem locked up by face of the franchise David Wright and emerging young talent Ike Davis.
In his top 50 prospect list, 26 teams were represented. The Mets, Marlins, Brewers and A’s were the only teams not to have a representative.

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