Will he CASH his last pay check at the End of the season?

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, has been in the news alot lately. He is not a hot topic on twitter for signing top Free Agents Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, in which he swung and missed, but for saying things that just dont need to be said.
It starts with the Rafael Soriano signing. Much controversy erupted when it became clear that it was not Cashman but Yankees President Randy Levine, who did the contract negotions with Scott Boras to give refief pitcher Rafael Soriano a ridiculously big and interesting contract.

To start, Levine had made Soriano one of just six relievers in all of baseball to make over $10M in 2011. Although Soriano seemed to command a lot of money- many around baseball believe the Yankees once again outbid themselves. In the contract though was a very unorthodox opt out situation in which Soriano could walk away from the contract after year 2 or 3 and the Yankees would recieve no compensatory draft picks.

Cashman had several problems with the deal, of both the monetary amount, using up the majority of the remaining allocated resources, presumably left aside to aquire a bona fide starting pitcher like FA Kevin Millwood. Cashman also hated the idea of giving away draft picks by signing him because they had to forfeit them because he is a type A free agent.

Rumors got out, that Levine was the one that negotiated the contract, and many people believed Cashmans role and autonomy in the Yankees Upper Managment was be diminishing. And instead of going out and saying he was behind the signing of his new setup man, he admitted to the media that he completely disagreed to the signing.

Then just yesterday, at a breakfast function for charity, Brian Cashman was having a baseball talk with some fans present and said that he presumed Derek Jeter could not play shorstop for all four years of his contract, and would have to move most likely to centerfield before his deal was up. Now, since he has altered his comments saying there were no plans in place and that it was not even mentioned in Dereks contract negotiatons.

Now, you could say these are of no great signifcance. Yet, it demonstrates to clear trends. One, Cashman obviously does not have full autonomy if Randy Levine, who has no baseball operations background is now negotiating terms with Free Agents against the will of the General Manager. Two, Cashman has been free to speak his mind as of late. Although he may not have anticipated his comments carried so much weight, the entire Yankee organization have come to a new form of communicating things-through the media.

Now with all the criticism, fair or unfair of Brian Cashman this winter, coming up short on both Lee and Crawford, he can certainly be blamed for his recent comments that serve as nothing but a way to distract Yankee fans of the fact Ian Nova and Sergio Mitre join a rotation that has A.J. Burnett(10-15) as its number 3 starter.

We need to wonder if Soriano work out, and Levine and Co. come to the realization that they can make baseball operation decisions as well as baseball operations people, will Cashman be CASHing his last paycheck next october?


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