Angel Pagan on Boomer and Carton

The New York Mets settled on a $3.5 million one year deal to avoid arbitration with Outfielder Angel Pagan on Friday. Pagan hit .290 with 11HR,  69RBI and 37 homers.

Pagan joined Boomer and Carton Tuesday Morning and was very positive. Pagan believes the Mets on paper are a good team. He also believes he can play right field; and says he will end up in right because he has spoken to Carlos Beltran.player.render(‘fileUrl= Pagan&artist=Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton&stationID=91&configFile=config.xml&buttonColor=grey&buttonOverColor=blue&backgroundColor=#FFFFFF&guid=E2D58BB7F2D7’);

Pagan looks forward to playing under new Manager Terry Collins as he will teach the Mets to play the game the right way and will hold them accountable.


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