Things worth reading: ESPN New York Yankees

In a post for blogger Mark Simon wrote about Derek Jeter and how he was anything but clutch last season.
Mark appeared on The New York Bite Dec. 24th you can listen here.

In another post to blogger Andrew Marchand writes four reasons he believes Andy Pettite will return in 2011.

But what if he doesnt?

…If Andy Pettite desides to finally retire after being the Brett Favre of Baseball, he will leave the Yankees with a signifcantly weaker rotation than with him in it. Either way the Yankees will have Sabbathia, Hughes Burnett and Nova 1-4, yet the fifth spot is now wide open. The Yankees are very desperate for starting pitching and after both Jeff Francis and Chris Young have signed, were left with a very weak starting pitching market. They did however pick up former winners Bartolo Colon and Freddie Garcia, and are hoping one of them or Sergio Mitre can put a hold on the last spot in the rotation… 

Mark Simon breaks down the tale of two Bartolo Colons here. Colon pitching extemely well against the Bronx Bombers up until 2000, yet had been absolutely dreadful since.


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