Steven A. Smith Rant: If They Dont Get Carmelo…

I am a big fan of Steven A. Smith because unlike some radio voices who who sound nonsensical when they rant, Smith still makes good points.

The reported deal the Knicks have rejected includes 3 starters, a first round draft pick, and Eddy Curry’s expiring contract. By all accounts, General Manager Donny Walsh believes that is asking for too much for a guy that will be available as a free agent (assuming he doesn’t sign with Nuggets) in the summer.

It seems as though it will be a game of chicken over the next 8 days, until the Feb 24th 3pm ET deadline. Although I find Smith entertaining, and I believe he makes good points, I do believe he is wrong here. I would hope Donny Walsh does not panic, and tear apart the team he has worked so hard to put together.

As Knick fans, lets bank on the theory that the Nuggets will panic that Carmelo would not sign the extension already on the table if he is not dealt, and will trade him out of fear, they could lose him to free agency, and get nothing in return.


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