Bay Past His Heyday?

Jason Bay’s Met career started off with a poor showing in 2010. Before suffering a season ending concussion in Los Angeles, running into an unpadded section of the fence at Dodger stadium, Bay was hitting just .259 with 6 homeruns.

Poised to make 2010 (a year to forget), a distant memory, Bay has been working with new hitting coach Dave Hudgens to help fix his swing. “Hudgens has worked with him at really shortening his stride, and really getting a better base for his swing. And [Bay] credits Hudgens for looking at his swing, and coming up with that,” David Lennon, Mets beat reporter for Newsday said.

On the New York Bite, Lennon discussed a noticeable difference in Bays swing, evident even in batting practice. “I have watched a number of [Jason] Bays batting practice sessions. There are a number of guys who you watch take BP and they really catch your eye, he has never been that type of guy. Whether it’s the sound of the ball coming of the bat or the line drives or whatever it is. Darryl Strawberry was a guy who would really separate himself from other guys in BP. Jason Bay came here last year and would always say, I am not really a batting practice guy. And we would watch him, always popping stuff up, and we never thought it was a big deal until he began the season and was really a shell of himself. This time it really has been different, I have watched him in BP a number of times, the ball is really, really exploding off of his bat. He looks like a different hitter,” Lennon said.

Thus far this spring Bay is hitting .333 with 7 hits, only one of them, a double, for extra bases. The previous two spring trainings Bay hit 4 homers each, and then went on to produce seasons of 39 and 6 homers. Whether its batting practice or spring training, it doesn’t count. All that fans care about is the production starting Opening Day.


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