Collins has past many hurdles, yet more to come

Photo courtesy of Michael G. Baron

In just his first big league spring, Mets Manager Terry Collins has had to deal with many useless distractions, yet more are certain to come. There was certainly truth to Sandy Alderson’s joke that now that Perez is gone, the media will find something to complain about, but Collins may be equip to deal with them.

Collins dismissal as Manager of the Angels has been much talked about and scrutinized. He lost touch with his players, so much so that former Met Mo Vaughn went to the Angels front office, urging them to fire Collins.

Yet this time around, Collins is making a concentrated effort to reach out and connect with his players. Most evident in the weekly bowling nights. Although it may seem forced and childish, it shows the effort that just was not evident – at least to fans in previous management.

It is easy though, for Collins to have control of the team now, before they have even played an inning of regular season baseball, but you have to like what you have seen thus far.


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