NYDN: Excuses Must Stop

Via NY Daily News

“The Knicks lead the NBA in excuse making. It’s a sign of weakness. “We haven’t had a training camp” and “we need more time together” are refrains we hear over and over. What the Knicks are saying may indeed be true (although Denver isn’t exactly struggling without the benefit of a training camp) but the team and coaching staff would be better served by keeping the excuses to a minimum. -Frank Isola, Knicks Knation

…I totally agree, the Knicks look soft and weak on the court. I see Carmelo moping around on the court, Amare with all the technicals, Billups doing whatever he wants, and D’Antoni doing nothing about it. The Knicks are 7-10 since the trade, and as Isola said, the excuses may be warranted, however, if they want to be a good team they have to overcome the adversity. Billups needs to lead like the veteran he is, and buy into the D’Antoni run and gun system, rather than his preffered half court sets. Carmelo needs to show up every night, no more 6 point performances, and Amar’e Stoudemire needs to lead this team like he did before Melo got here, because it still is Stoudemire’s team…

Listen to my conversation with Frank Isola here.


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