WSJ: Made from the Wright stuff

Via WSJ:

“…the most durable infielder in the franchise’s 49-year history—no minor matter considering the physical demands of his position and the Mets’ recent inabilityto get their best players back on the field in a timely manner after injuries. He has started at least 142 games in each of six consecutive seasons and at least 153 games in five of the past six. No Mets infielder has started as many games over so long a continuous length of time, according to Stats Inc., a firm that tracks statistical trends in sports.”- Mike Sielski, Wall Street Journal

Wright is not only extremely durable, he is extremely tough. In 2009 after getting hit in the head by a Matt Cain fastball, he was put on the 15 day DL, and missed just that 15 games. Sielski does a great job in this article contrasting Wright to the “softer”, fine china Mets, like Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran who seem to hangout on the DL, both often and for extended periods of time. Wright is a guy who will be in the lineup each time you head out to Ctit Field, you can count on it, he will be there, and he will be playing in fifth gear, 100% until the final pitch is thrown. This is not a new expectation, we have seen this from Wright everyday since he first came up in 2004, and you better expect to see it for the rest of his time in a uniform, in his Wright-ful place, third base.

Photo taken by Michael G. Baron, check out his flickr gallery here, and follow him on twitter @michaelgbaron.


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