Jets reportedly interested in Randy Moss

Yes, apparently that is the truth. The Jets might actually be looking to sign the 34 year old reciever who for years has been an arch-rival, and who last year could not figure out how to give anywhere near 100% effort with both the Vikings and the Titans. He forced the Patriots to trade him and the Vikings to release him, and now, for some reason, the Jets are looking to sign him.

They have pulled off moves like this before. Last year, the Jets signed 36 year old linebacker Jason Taylor, one of the most hated players of all time among Jets fans. And let’s not forget when the Jets decided to trade for 38 year old quarterback Brett Favre in an effort to solve their quarterback problem.

So what is motivating the Jets to try to make this move? With three of their current wide recievers free agents (Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Brad Smith), the Jets might be trying to make sure they have at least one receiver next year besides Jericho Cotchery. But then why not just focus on the younger and less risky recievers who brought the team to the AFC championship the last two years?

Randy Moss has told the media that he would like to go back to New England to play for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Jets might just be trying to keep him from signing with the Pats where he has hurt them many times in the past. Or they might just be driving up the price to make the rival Patriots spend more money for a washed up receiver.

Whatever the reason is, let’s all hope that Moss ends up somewhere other than New York to start the 2011 season (assuming there is one).


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