Bob Raissman: Ian O’Connors book "Captain"

“I did tell him in advance: ‘There are the few things I perceive, in my opinion, to be flaws (in Jeter’s personality).’ I said I think you are too sensitive to criticism and at time you have a hard time forgiving and forgetting,” O’Connor said. “I think, at times, you could have been a better captain to Alex. I also brought up that he should have been more outspoken and out front on the steroids issue.” Jeter would only respond to the steroids inquiry.

A Yankees source said Jeter was “not angry” but “won’t be reading the book.” O’Connor said his intent was to “humanize” Jeter. “That was my goal,” he said. “To bring the fan closer to Jeter. Though he’s a beloved icon, I think fans look at him as a distant figure.” – Bob Raissman, NYDN

Above is an excerpt from a Bob Raissman column, in which he delves into Ian O’Connor and the controversy caused by his new book “Captain” a book about Derek Jeter. Read the full article here.

I asked Bob Raissman about this very controversy when I spoke to him, last week. In a phone conversation which you can listen to here
Q: What do you make of the Ian O’Connor book controversy and mess?
A: “I think that he is probably happier this is happening, than the alternative that means no one is talking about [his book], and that doesn’t help your book sales. So, stuff like this happens in the course of a book coming out because, the stuff that gets revealed at first is the most controversial stuff, because they want to sell off of this. I think it’s a ‘mess’ he probably likes. 
Ian O’Connor has agreed to talk to me about his book in late May about his book. I look forward to our talk.

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