Mushnick: Sterling Takes Fun Out of Listening to Yankees.

“From [the day Sterling was hired by Steinbrenner] on, that seven-month baseball companionship, along with thousands of game broadcasts, has been betrayed. It has been lost to a narcissistic, condescending blowhard who neither knows nor cares what’s happening on the field as he awaits his next chance — real or imagined — to holler his scripted, asinine “signature” calls to an audience that he long ago trained to suspect that what he describes is not even close to true.”– Phil Mushnick, New York Post

Ouch! Harsh words from Mushnick towards the radio voice of the New York Yankees, John Sterling. Yet I have to agree, for an organization that represents excellence, he is far from excellent. I will be talking to Phil Mushnick this weekend about this column as well as other New York sports issues.

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